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January Stewards’ Meeting and Financial Assistance Program Update

After a committee consisting of the Administration Chair, Finance Chair, EHP Officer, Chief Steward of Biological Sciences, and Postdoctoral Chief Steward performed an independent review of the operations and budget of the Financial Assistance Program, a summary of this review, the committee’s findings, and a pair of recommendations in the form of motions were presented to the Steward’s Network on 14 January 2016.

The first motion was to approve the allocation of an additional $5,000 of funds for the Financial Aid Program. The Financial Assistance Committee had already disbursed $45,259 of this year’s $50,000 budget as of the end of October 2015, and with six months remaining in the fiscal year, our hope was that additional funding would ensure that this budgetary issue would have a reduced impact on the Local’s ability to offer emergency financial aid to applicants for the rest of the year. The motion passed by a large majority.

The second motion was to approve the Financial Assistance Committee’s adoption of the following operational practices for the remainder of this fiscal year: drafting a monthly budget to which the Committee would strictly adhere; keep minutes of FAC meetings and provide these in the form of a report to the Executive Committee while maintaining the confidentiality and protecting the information of the applicants; rank all applications on the basis of financial need and report this ranking in the minutes; and not distribute any funds under the Academic category until the next fiscal year. The motion passed by a large majority.

The Financial Assistance Committee will resume the adjudication of applications and the disbursement of funds for successful November, December, and January applicants at their next meeting in February, after which monthly adjudication meetings will once again resume at regularly scheduled intervals.

The review committee wishes to thank the membership for their patience and understanding as we needed to take the time to investigate and find solutions for these issues, and the Stewards Network for their assistance and consideration in resolving problems with and improving our Financial Assistance Program.


A significant portion of our members are also members of the University of Western Ontario Society of Graduate Students.