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Postdoc Bargaining Update- June 19th, 2017

Greetings Postdocs.

Today your Postdoctoral Bargaining Team met with the Employer and raised the five key issues that have been discussed over the last few months with our Postdoctoral membership.

1) Childcare

2) Minimum salary floor

3) Annual wage increases

4) Salary reductions during the PDF to PDA transitions

5) Healthcare benefits

 Your Postdoctoral bargaining team has proposed the need for childcare benefits to be provided to Postdocs, as many postdocs have the extra burden of the cost of childcare on an already tight budget. The current Postdoc average salary at UWO is $44, 500/year, and the additional costs of childcare have a significant impact on them. Queen’s was able to negotiate a childcare benefit for their members and we believe that our members should have something in place as well.


We have proposed increasing the minimum threshold salary to be in line with the current settlements for Postdocs at other Universities in Ontario.


We have proposed wage increases that are in line with current settlements for Postdocs at other Universities in Ontario


We have proposed to address the issue of salary reduction. The Employer has advised that in the transition from postdoctoral fellows to postdoctoral associates, less than 4% of the members have had reductions in their gross salaries, and approximately 96% have had their gross salaries stay the same or increase. We are currently awaiting the data to confirm this information.


We have proposed healthcare benefits in line with those of other Postdoctoral workers in Ontario. The costs of prescription drugs, medical and dental services are a significant costs to Postdocs as individuals, and it is fair that UWO cover these costs for our members when they are ill.


We are awaiting future dates from the Conciliation Officer to meet in July.


In Solidarity,


Katherine Kasper, PDA

Yi-Kai Su, PDA

Abul Fahad Akon, PDA

Jawara Gairey, PSAC Negotiator


A significant portion of our members are also members of the University of Western Ontario Society of Graduate Students.