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We discussed the Fall 2017 Overtime Survey results at length with the Employer. From the survey  52% responded that they have worked over their hours. Regarding the reasons for overtime: 70% cited an unreasonable workload estimation, 63% cited unreasonable estimates of preparation hours, 20% cited short notice and 17% cited external reasons (such as error in solutions). Of those who worked overtime, 26% approached someone in their department about it. Regarding barriers to approaching the department: 42% cite not wanting to be unjustly blamed for “poor performance”, 20% cited lack of time before overtime hours to be worked, and 53% do not think they will succeed, and so do not find it worth pursuing. Only 6% responded that nothing prevents them from approaching their department.  Regarding change in workload as a result of approaching their course supervisor/department: 51% saw no change to their workload, 30% sometimes have to keep working overtime after and 20% had their workload adjusted so they didn’t have to keep working.  Regarding overtime pay, 2% “usually” receive overtime pay; 8% usually do not,  and 91% have never got it as a result of asking.


In addition, we discussed the specific issues that have been raised to the union, including through the survey comments. The main issues members face are:

●       working overtime hours; and

●      not being compensated nor having their workloads adjusted.

Common sources of the overtime work include:

●      the actual time required for grading assignments, essays, reports, quizzes, exams and other student submissions;

●       the actual time required for meeting/discussing with individual students (on student work, or office hours, or by email etc);

●      regular weekly duties come close or exceeding the 10 hours combined with non-weekly duties;

●      completing work that is beyond the scope of a TA (giving the course lectures).

Common messages we hear include that:

●      to do the work well or properly simply requires more time than the course supervisor has estimated; and

●      there is an inadequate number of TAs for the courses

●      there are too many students assigned per TA


A significant portion of our members are also members of the University of Western Ontario Society of Graduate Students.