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PSAC Local 610 response to the University "Update" on GTAs bargaining

On March 23 the Employer requested a “no board” report. On the 17th day after the notice is mailed by the Labour Minister, the Union will be in a legal strike position and the University will be in a legal lockout position (here).

The provost's letter (here) reads, “This timeline provides predictability for students as they approach the end of term and prepare for exams.” Despite Dr. Deakin’s assertion that filing a “no board report” creates “predictability,” the University’s decision creates far greater uncertainty for the whole campus community. The action taken today by Western University has ensured that there can be a strike or lock-out. This aggressive gesture is especially surprising since, on March 19, Dr. Deakin assured undergraduates that exams would proceed as usual.


This action is simply another way they are attempting to undermine all GTAs and mislead the campus community. First, they gave misleading information about the GTA financial situation to undergraduate students, faculty and staff (here). Then, they refused to give us rooms to assemble for the vote. Now, one day after Graduate Teaching Assistants voted    █ in favour of a strike, the University responds with the aggressive gesture of a hard deadline.

This university is pushing for labour disruption. We do not take this lightly, and remain committed to bargaining for members’ demands. Your bargaining team returns to conciliation on Tuesday empowered by your vote to see if the University now takes our members’ demands seriously.

We want Western to stop the theatrics and dig below the surface to help us begin to address the systemic issues that Western agrees are cancerous to the academe. We know the university is not solely responsible for a lot of the issues we face, but it is well within its power to help us succeed.

When you crunch the numbers, we’re asking for a drop in an ocean – a drop that may have very little impact on the fiscal capacity of the University, but that can change the lives of our members.

Vibrant GTAs contribute to building a vibrant university.


Thank you again to members for supporting your demands at the strike vote sessions. Please join us on the strike committee.

In solidarity,



A significant portion of our members are also members of the University of Western Ontario Society of Graduate Students.