PSAC Local 610
University of Western Ontario
1313 Somerville House
London, ON  N6A 3K7

General Inquiries:
519.661.4137 (p)
519.850.2998 (f)

Fall/Winter Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9am - 2pm
Office Closed from
11:45am to 12:15pm Daily

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PSAC610 Committees

Join a Committee! This is our union, and becoming a committee member is a great way to be involved. Committee members play a crucial role as direct point of access for our union members who need information about University and Local policies, procedures, and benefits. Nomination forms are available from our website.

PSAC Local 610 Committees: 

Bylaws Committee 

The Bylaws Committee reviews the Local’s Bylaws, proposes amendments to the Bylaws, and vets members’ amendments to the Bylaws. 

To know the details of the committee please see Bylaws Committee Terms of Reference here.

Communications Committee 

Members will assist in preparing and coordinating training sessions for the Local’s Stewards; preparing and facilitating biannual information sessions; evaluating existing communications strategies and assist in improving these strategies.

To know the details of the committee please see Communications Committee Terms of Reference here.

Finance Committee 

The finance committee is a standing structural committee that collects data related to the financial goals and actual spending of the local and assist the treasurer in the performance of his duties including preparation of budgets.

To know the details of the committee please see Finance Committee Terms of Reference here.

Women’s Committee 

The Women’s Committee seeks to foster a greater sense of community among women graduate teaching assistants and advocates for improved accessibility, resources, and working conditions for women graduate teaching assistants. 

To know the details of the committee please see Women's Committee Terms of Reference here.

Financial Assistance Committee

The Financial Assistance Committee adjudicates the Financial Assistance Applications during regular (monthly) meetings starting. The Financial Assistance Fund exists to provide assistance to members who experience unexpected financial need.

To know the details of the committee please see Financial Assistance Committee Terms of Reference here.

Scholarships Committee 

Committee members shall meet and coordinate efforts to choose the scholarship awardees.

To know the details of the committee please see Scholarships Committee Terms of Reference here.

Food Support and Resources Committee 

The Food Support and Resources Committee shall endeavor to find ways of supplying members with sustainable and socially responsible food options without reducing the overall amount of food they are able to purchase with the funds distributed.

To know the details of the committee please see Food Support and Resources Committee Terms of Reference here. 

Mobilization Committee

The Mobilization Committee (MC) mandate is to work through direct communication, workshops, and awareness campaigns, in support of PSAC 610's stewards' network, and to cultivate opportunities for members to actively engage and agitate for their collective rights. 

The MC will assist the Bargaining Team in communicating bargaining updates to the general membership and mobilizing the membership on bargaining issues. In the event that a tentative agreement cannot be reached, the MC will coordinate strike/lock-outactivities.

To know the details of the committee please see Mobilization Committee Terms of Reference here. 

Negotiation Research Committee 

The Negotiation Research Committee shall be formed when the Local anticipates entering into negotiations with the Employer and at least eight months prior to the end of the current Collective Agreement. This committee shall solicit negotiation demands from the membership, prioritize those demands, draft demands, and prepare draft negotiation proposals.

To know the details of the committee please see Negotiation Research Committee Terms of Reference here. 

Political Action/Social Justice Committee 

The work of the Political Action/Social Justice Committee addresses concerns in three contexts: the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and internationally and may also work with other progressive groups and coalitions to promote alternative policies which benefit workers, their families and communities.

To know the details of the committee please see Political Action/Social Justice Committee Terms of Reference here. 



A significant portion of our members are also members of the University of Western Ontario Society of Graduate Students.