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Steward Solidarity Event

Steward Solidarity Event Survey - Please distributed during event and return filled out surveys to PSAC 610 office.


The Steward Solidarity Event is an opportunity for stewards to host an informal social event at the Grad Club to engage the members of their department.

Our local union has identified the importance of encouraging and supporting our stewards to interact with members of their departments. Through communication and dialogue we will gain a better understanding of working conditions, concerns, challenges and other issues GTA’s face in their departments.

In addition to listening to the concerns of our members, this event also creates an informal venue for stewards to highlight the services and benefits that are available to our members, such as the Extended Health Plan, bursaries and scholarships, assisting with any work related problems such as harassment, overtime pay, and so on.

Stewards who run solidarity events are expected to write up a one page report after the event and submit it to their respective chief steward. The report will essentially be a summary of work related issues discussed with members during the event. The better we understand our members’ department specific working conditions the better we as a union will be able to support and assist our members.

We feel this is a great way to encourage members in your department to come out to a social atmosphere, get to know their stewards, and have the space to talk about the work concerns and issues they face.

Such as how to book and how the budget works are included below. Importantly, please order food because it is irresponsible to purchase drinks on behalf of someone else without having made food available. The ‘preapproved’ menu items are intended to make the ordering process easy. You can always order more, up to the limit of your total event budget.

Event Details, Budgeted funds

  • $20 per union member in your department
    • This amount will cover the food and drinks and will also include taxes and gratuities
      • For example, if 20 people attend the event there will be a total budget of $400 which will include the costs of food, drinks, taxes and gratuity
    • To be clear, a member is anyone that is either currently holding a GTA position or anyone who has held a GTA position in the past year – for instance graduate students that held a TA position in the fall, winter, or summer of 2015-2016 academic year.
    • We recommend taking attendance at the Solidarity Event to keep track of who attended.
  • Food
    • Pre-approved food choices are available based on the amount of food you would need for the amount of people that will attend (see below).
  • Drinks
    • Additional food and Drinks can be ordered from the bar and the bartender will keep a tab and warn you when you are coming close to reaching your budget limit. Events should not exceed two hours in duration.

- A steward who organizes an event can determine the nature of the event. Last year, some stewards organized a lunch while some stewards thought it best to gather in the evening.
- Do what you think will meet the needs of the members within your department.
- If individual stewards agree to do so, then Stewards can group their events together.
- Taxes and gratuities - again these will automatically be included in your tab but they come out of your total budget.

How to book an event:

  1. Your Chief Steward will give you a contact list of all the members in your department.
  2. Figure out what time works for the members within the department you represent.
  3. Email Marc Lalonde, the Grad Club manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make a reservation for X people from _________ department and for what day and time. Also ask him about food options as the Grad Club menu and price may vary during the year.
  4. After booking the event, promote the event to members within your department, and have a fun and responsible time.
  5. Afterwards, please email your steward with a brief summary of how the event went – what issues were discussed



A significant portion of our members are also members of the University of Western Ontario Society of Graduate Students.