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GTA tentative agreement has been ratified

Dear Members,

The tentative agreement has been ratified.

Thank you for all of your support and trust.

We fought together against many obstacles: against the Employer, against doubts and mistrust, and misunderstanding by the parent union. We have demonstrated to the University and most importantly to ourselves our power, solidarity and determination. We have pushed hard not only for our own interests, but interests of those to come. We have aimed to repair a broken academe, and we will continue our fight.

The gains we all made this year are beyond the new Collective Agreement. For the first time in the history of our Local, we had a strike vote and members overwhelmingly voted in favour of a strike. For the first time, members rejected a final offer. There has never been so many members participating; the level of mobilization and engagement is incredible. This sets the precedent not only for our Local, but for the entire campus and PSAC.

There are three PSAC locals in Ontario that have a TA bargaining unit. None have ever gone on strike. You pushed PSAC to seriously re-assess what a strike for TAs would look like. Other Locals will follow our steps. This will change the labour landscape at Western.

By no means the ratification should stop us. Please use gains in your new Collective Agreement: take paid leaves, use overtime form, know your rights, stand for them and grieve. Help to carry over the momentum, join your Local - participate in the upcoming elections, various committees and events. The Union is its members, and we need you to bring your experience, your passion and devotion to your Local. What we have started does not end with us. It continues through however long it takes, however many actions we launch, however hard we fight.

The future lies with you. Thank you for your immense faith in us. Leave our errors behind, and carry our successes with you. The fight for the academe continues.

Your Bargaining Team, 
Nadia Ivanova, Dmitrii Marin, Shannon Potter, MaryAnne Laurico


A significant portion of our members are also members of the University of Western Ontario Society of Graduate Students.