Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee reviews the Local's Bylaws, proposes amendments to the Bylaws, and vets member's amendments to the Bylaws.

Contact the Administration Chair if you are interested in joining the Bylaws Committee.

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Communications Committee

Members will assist in preparing and coordinating training sessions for the Local's Stewards; preparing and facilitating biannual information sessions; evaluating existing communications strategies and assist in improving the communication of the local.

Contact the Communications Chair if you are interested in joining the Communications Committee.

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a standing committee that collects data related to the financial goals and spending of the local and assists the Finance Chair in the performance of their duties, including the preparation of budgets.

Contact the Finance Chair if you are interested in joining the Finance Committee.

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Gender Equity Committee

Members of the Gender Equity Committee shall advocate for improved rights, resources, and working conditions for women, trans, non-binary, and genderqueer individuals at Western University and in the broader London community.

Contact the Gender Equity chair if you are interested in joining the Women's Committee.

Financial Assistance Committee
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The Financial Assistance Committee adjudicates the Financial Assistance Applications during regular (monthly) meetings. The Financial Assistance Fund provides assistance to members who experience unexpected financial need.

Contact the Administration Chair if you are interested in joining the Financial Assistance Committee.

Food Support Committee

The Food Support Committee shall endeavor to find ways of supplying members with sustainable and socially responsible food options without reducing the overall amount of food they are able to purchase with the funds distributed.

Contact the Administration Chair if you are interested in joining the Food Support Committee.

Mobilization Committee

The Mobilization Committee will assist the Bargaining Team in communicating bargaining updates to the general membership and mobilizing the membership on bargaining issues. In the event that a tentative agreement cannot be reached, the MC will coordinate strike/lock-out activities.

Call-out for the mobilization committee will be made by the President around the time of bargaining.

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Political Action Committee

The work of the Political Action Committee is to address concerns in three contexts: locally, federally, and internationally. It will also work with other progressive groups and coalitions to promote alternative policies which benefit workers, their families, and communities.

Contact the Racial Equity Chair if you are interested in joining the Political Action Committee.

Health & Safety Committee


The Health and Safety committee aims to promote the physical and mental health and safety of all Teaching Assistants and Postdoctoral associates by informing them of health and safety-related resources and will convey members’ health and safety-related needs to the Executive

Contact the Communications Chair if you are interested in joining the Political Action Committee.