PSAC 610's Executive Committee meets bi-weekly to help facilitate the smooth functioning of the local. The Chairs for the Executive Committee are elected every year in April, unless an opening occurs at another time. Information about the roles and duties of the executive can be found in our bylaws.


Wes Robinson (he/him)



Dika Ojiakor (he/him)

Administration Chair

Ryley Yost (he/him)

Gender Equity Chair

Emily Cichocki (she/they)

Postdoc Chair

Anil Jhawar (he/him)

Chief Steward Arts and Humanities

Karuna D'Souza (she/her)

Chief Steward Bio Sciences

Gregory Robinson (he/him)

Chief Steward Physical Sciences

Gholamreza Bahreini (he/him)

Chief Steward Social Sciences

Julian Matheson (he/him)

Chief Steward Postdoc

Dicho Zomaya (he/him)



PSAC 610 also has non-executive members, some elected, some appointed, and some staff. Information about the roles and duties of the non-executive can be found in our bylaws 

Office Manager

Patti Hay (she/her)


Hasnaen Syed (he/him)

Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Chief Returning Officer

Natalie Trevino

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