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All Candidates Meeting -PSAC UWO Local 610 Annual Elections

Updated: May 19, 2019

Dear PSAC Local 610 Members,

As Chief Returning Officer, I am announcing an All Candidates Meeting for the upcoming PSAC Annual Local Election. As CRO, I will preside over the All Candidates Meeting on Thursday May 16th at 5pm in SSC 2050.

All Candidates must arrive at the meeting prepared to give a 5-minute speech, and ready to answer questions from the membership of PSAC Local 610.

In addition to the above, the Executive Committee will also be taking this meeting as an opportunity to ratify the amendments the Bylaws.

The 11 positions that are open for election, as per Bylaw Section 12 – Election Procedures, are:

All Members Vote 1. President 2. Administration Chair 3. Communications Chair 4. Finance Chair

Postdocs Only Vote 5. Postdoc Chair 6. Postdoc Chief Steward 1 7. Postdoc Chief Steward 2

GTAs Only Vote 8. Arts & Humanities Chief Steward 9. Biological Sciences Chief Steward 10. Physical Science Chief Steward 11. Social Science Chief Steward

All members in good standing are welcome to attend the All Candidates Meeting. If you are not a member in good standing you are welcome to come to the Local 610 office to sign your Blue Membership card.

Participatory Democracy is a value that we hold dear. Be sure to attend and get involved.

Thank you and see you there, CRO PSAC Local 610

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