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CLARIFICATION -- WEEKLY UPDATE: Meal Calendars / Food Bank Lists (Jan 15, 2021)

UPDATE: ONLY the meals on Wednesdays have been cancelled until further notice. Tuesdays meals will continue as usual.


All food safety or logistical-type questions should be directed to a Public Health Inspector (PHI) on the Food Safety Team by calling 519-663-5317. PHIs are available for telephone or on-site consult to review operations and offer suggestions.

Changes/additional details for this week include the following;

  • St. Francis-St. Martin Parish

  • CANCELLING all meals until further notice (4th Saturday, 9am-10:30am)

  • Rowntree Memorial United Church

  • CANCELLING all meals until further notice (every Wednesday, 11:30am-1pm)

Thank you to those who have reached out to the Health Unit to seek guidance on the provision of food during our community’s response to the ever evolving COVID-19 situation. The Health Unit continues to update the latest information related to COVID-19 on our website.

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