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GTA Position Vacancy (Geography)

Department/Program: Geography

Ext.: 85033

Application Deadline: January 27, 2021

Position Description:

1.0 TA – Remote Sensing – GEOG 2230B – February 1/21-April 30/21

Deadline: Wednesday, January 26, 2021

This course is an introduction to the principles, techniques, and geographic applications of remote sensing systems, including: computer processing of remote sensing digital data; and interface of remote sensing data with geographic information systems. Applicants should have teaching and/ or academic experience in geography or adjacent disciplines and will ideally have demonstrated teaching or coursework experience in the subject matter.

Information is available on the Geography Department website:

Position responsibilities and duties will include:

* marking of: tests, assignments and quizzes with answers that include written work;

* moderating forum discussions;

* virtual attendance at office hours to assist students and review marks, as needed; and

* other duties as assigned by instructor.

If interested, please email Lori Johnson -, with CV.

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