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GTA Vacancy

Electrical and Computer Engineering: Posted September 22, 2020

Application Deadline: October 1, 2020

Position Description:

ECE 4432: Radiation And Propagation

The TA in this course will be responsible for running in-person lab component of the course and grading. Must have Electrical Engineering Background and preferably EM Lab experience. The applicant requires strong Electromagnetics theory knowledge, Impedance matching, transmission lines, and practical hands-on knowledge of Antennas and physical aspects of wireless propagation.

Must have expertise operating Spectrum Analyzer and Vector Network Analyzers in the lab. This will be the main equipment to be used by the student. Design experience with link budgets, basic transceiver circuit design and antenna arrays and building custom antenna lab test set ups is preferred and required for lab projects. Software expertise using Arduino, MATLAB, and ANSYS Antenna simulation is required.

This position will be for 140 hours or an average of 10 hours per week. Applicants should send their CV and in the email body mention their name, current degree, department to Andrea Krasznai at akraszna@uwo.ca.

Only full-time registered graduate students are eligible to hold a GTA appointment at Western University. These postings are in compliance with Article 13.05 D) of the collective agreement.

For a student who is external to the hiring department/program they may require their thesis supervisor's approval before accepting the GTA position. Full-time graduate students may hold only 10 hours per week in TAships, from any source, in any term.

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