• Dika Ojiakor

GTA Vacancy

From: Johnson, Lori (ljohns24@uwo.ca)

Department/Program: Geography

Ext.: 85033

Application Deadline: December 18, 2020

Position Description:

Applicants should have teaching and/ or academic experience in geography or adjacent disciplines and will ideally have demonstrated teaching or coursework experience in the subject matter. Information is available on the Geography Department website: https://geoenvironment.uwo.ca/undergraduate/course_information/index.html

1.0 TA – Geography of Canada – GEOG 2010B – January 1/21-April 30/21

Position responsibilities and duties will include:

* marking of: tests, assignments and map quizzes with answers that include written work;

* moderating forum discussions;

* virtual attendance at office hours to assist students and review marks, as needed; and

* other duties as assigned by instructor.

If interested, please email Lori Johnson - ljohns24@uwo.ca, with CV.

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