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PSAC 610 stands in solidarity with Laurentian University

PSAC 610 stands in solidarity with the faculty, staff and students of Laurentian University, whose jobs, livelihoods and education have been threatened by the dismissal of 100 University professors and the closing of over 60 academic programs announced on Monday. We condemn the inaction of the federal and provincial governments in their failure to intervene to stop the commercial bankruptcy process that has led to the University’s current insolvency filing.

Laurentian University plays an important role in supporting French, English and Indigenous communities in Northern Ontario. The university is one of the largest employers in Sudbury, and serves as a cultural, educational and research hub for the Sudbury community.

Importantly, Laurentian is home to one of the country's first Indigenous studies programs, a renowned labour studies program, and the only bilingual midwifery program in Canada. The decision to implement these cuts, which was done behind closed doors and lacks transparency, will negatively impact the access to post-secondary education in Northern Ontario and will prevent the education sector from contributing to the development and outreach of these communities.

We believe the federal and provincial governments have a responsibility to ensure that Laurentian University has the necessary funding to end its current insolvency filing and to secure the university's long-term future. We encourage all members to take action against these cuts by joining this letter writing campaign calling on the federal government to step up and provide long-term, stable funding for Laurentian University:

In solidarity, The PSAC 610 Executive

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