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PSAC UWO Local 610 Election Announcement

Updated: May 19, 2019

Dear All,

This is to announce the annual PSAC UWO Local 610 Elections Thursday May 23rd, 2019 at 5pm. The location will be announced shortly.

For the first time in the history of PSAC Local 610, we will have electronic balloting. It will be a trial run, and if everything goes well, we will continue to build on it. Please bring your cell phone or laptop, to be used for voting. Only those present inside the room will receive the link for each election to casting their ballot.

Paper ballots will be available if/wherever necessary.

The 11 positions that are open for election are:

All Member Votes

1. President

2. Administration Chair

3. Communications Chair

4. Finance Chair

Postdocs Only Votes

5. Postdoc Chair

6. Postdoc Chief Steward 1

7. Postdoc Chief Steward 2

GTAs Only Votes

8. Arts & Humanities Chief Steward

9. Biological Sciences Chief Steward

10.Physical Science Chief Steward

11.Social Science Chief Steward

All members can vote in the elections for President, Administration Chair, Finance Chair, and Communications Chair.

Only Post-Doctoral students can vote for Postdoc Chair and the two Postdoc Chief Steward positions.

Only TAs members can vote for the Chief Steward for their respective department (Arts & Humanities, Biological Science, Physical Science and Social Science).

If you are a TA for the first time in the Summer 2019 term (May to August), you must bring a copy of your employment contract so that you can prove your membership in the local, as we will not yet have your name from the employer on our membership list.

Everyone must be in good standing in order to vote. This means you must have signed your Blue Membership card, and if you are unsure if you have, contact the Local’s office and we will verify this for you (, 519-661-4137).

There will be an All Candidates Meeting presided over by the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) on Thursday May 16th, details will follow.

Call out for Candidates will follow in a separate email.

Thank you,


PSAC Local 610

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