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Wesley Knox United Church CLOSED

  • Wesley Knox United Church


Thank you to those who have reached out to the Health Unit to seek guidance on the provision of food during our community’s response to the ever evolving COVID-19 situation. The Health Unit continues to update the latest information related to COVID-19 on our website.

Please find attached the Ministry of Health’s guidance document for food premises (PDF), the Health Unit’s guidance document for community meal outreach programs (PDF), as well as Toronto Public Health’s guidance document for food banks and donation centres (PDF). You can also find the most up-to-date meal calendar on the Health Unit’s website.

If anyone has any food safety questions, or logistical type questions, our Public Health Inspectors are available for a call or on-site consult to review the operation and offer suggestions.


Amy Castillo


Middlesex-London Health Unit ( 519-663-5317 ext. 2675

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