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  • Why Should GSAs/GRAs unionize?
    Multiple reasons! Unions provide several benefits that improve employees working conditions. This includes improved wages, access to benefits, regulated hours and contracts, and increased job security. Most importantly, unions create democratic and fair workplaces, by giving workers the opportunity to come together and voice their collective and individual concerns with their employer.  These concerns can be addressed either through collective bargaining or by raising individual grievances to the employer. 
  • What is a union drive?
    A union drive is essentially a campagin to form a union for a specified group of employees. This campaign requires a union to get employees insterested in joining the union to sign cards. These cards are sort of like a peitition to demonstrate that majority of the employee group wants to unionize. In this case, we are campaigning for GSAs/GRAs to join PSAC 610.
  • What is the process to unionize?
    The process for unionizing requires currently employed GSAs/GRAs to sign a membership application card. Once a majority of employees sign an application card, the union (PSAC 610) will file for certification with the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB). If approved, the OLRB holds a secret vote, where 50% + 1 of voters must vote YES for a union to be formed. Once successful, the  OLRB will issue a certificate that allow GSAs/GRAs to form a union.
  • I'm a Graduate Research Fellow (GRF), can I still join?
    Only those with a signed Graduate Student Assistantship and Graduate Research Assistantship contract can join the union. GRFs conduct work that is related to their degree requirements and are paid with grants, scholarships, and  other non-taxable income. Because of these conditions, they are not considered employees by the Ontario Labour Relations Board and cannot unionize. If you are not sure about your contract, check out the following link:
  • If I sign a card will it affect my employment?
    Under various Canadian laws, employers are not allowed to threaten, coerce, discriminate, make promises, impose a penalty, or do anything that stops you from making a free decision on union representation.
  • Will joining the union affect my standing in my department?
    No, it won't. Signing a union card is confidential and will not be shared with your employer/department.
  • I hold multiple contracts (e.g., having both an RA and TA in the same semester), am I eligible to join?
    Absolutely! Anyone who currently holds an active Graduate Student Assistantship (GSA) or Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) can join the union regardless of other contracts they may hold.
  • I'm an International Student, can I still join?
    Absolutely! International students have the same rights and protections as domestic students. 
  • How can I get involved?
    We encourage anyone to join our organizing committee. You can get in touch with us at You may also contact this email for more information.
  • I have further questions, who do I contact?
    You can drop-in every Friday from 2-5 pm at Western University's Grad Club or virtually on zoom from 2:30-3:30 pm ( to chat with the organizing committee. Alternatively, you may contact the organizing committee at
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