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Recap - June 25th SOGS/PSAC Solidarity Event

Roughly 200 members showed up to our solidarity event co-hosted by SOGS. It is amazing to see our members inspired and active even over the summer! Sorry to anyone who did not get any food, or who did not receive a drink ticket, this event really did exceed our expectations, and we will take this into account for future events.

This event was to encourage members to stick with SOGS this coming September. The student choice initiative, put forward by Doug Ford's Conservatives, is an attempt to defund university student unions. We know that they would also like to do the same thing to labour unions. We will continue to work with SOGS over the summer to promote SOGS, and encourage our members to not opt out of their fees. We recently met with executive members of SOGS discussing possible future collaborations, and look forward to future events - that are hopefully as well attended as the event we just had. We are also still following the lawsuit filed by SOGS' parent union CFS (Canadian Federation of Students) regarding the student choice initiative, and will continue to keep our members updated.

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