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We have started a unionization drive for Graduate Student Assistants (GSAs) and Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) at Western!

GSAs and GRAs are paid significantly less than Graduate Teaching Assistants (between $15 to $35)! They also have fewer workplace protections, fewer benefits, and no support from a union.

Unionizing GRAs and GSAs would improve the rights and working conditions of all graduate academic workers at Western. Among these rights could include (but are not limited to): 

1. Improved pay that is on par with GTAs 

2. Access to financial benefits offered by a union. 

3. Clearly written contracts employers must abide by. 

4. Union representation during bargaining and in cases of grievance. 







We at PSAC 610 believe GSAs and GRAs need to be unionized with us and have similar protections and benefits as GTAs. We would really like it if you take part in this drive and become an organizer to better working conditions for yourselves and your colleagues.


Please contact the organizing committee ( if you have any questions regarding this drive.

You can also drop-in at Western University's Grad Club on Fridays from 2-5 pm to chat with the organizing committee and sign a card in-person.

*Please note: only currently employed GSAs and GRAs can sign a union card. In the Position Title field, please indicate your current job title. If you hold multiple job titles, please list them all.

After submitting an e-card, you will receive an email requesting a signature. Do not forget to check your email (and junk mail!) and sign the card. Your card is only valid once signed. 

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