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GTA Position Vacancy

Application Deadline: December 6, 2019

Position Description: Position Description: PhD candidates who are currently just beyond their normal TA eligibility period are welcome to apply. Graduate students in Biology programs will be given preference.

• Environmental Science 1021G (10 hours per week) The major role of the TA(s) will be to assist the instructor in assessing the writing quality and content of the student’s assignment and evaluating primary and secondary literature used by the students. Therefore, the TA(s) will need a basic knowledge of the science of environmental issues, an ability to differentiate types of literature, including non-scientific literature, and strong writing/editing abilities. The TA(s) will be provided marking rubrics for the assignments. In addition, the TA(s) will be responsible for attending tutorials sessions, grading midterm exams, final exams, completing the literature type quiz and attending and grading the student presentations. Office hours will be only for students to discuss graded assignment issues on an as needed basis.

• Biology 2217B Plants as Resources (10 hours per week) Responsibilities include the following: a) carrying out tutorials; b) teaching laboratory exercises; c) grading tests and tutorial reports, providing positive feedback to students. A strong familiarity with plant biology and techniques used in studying them required. Candidate should also be very familiar with the OWL system.

• Biology 2290F Scientific Methods in Biology (5 or 10 hours per week) Responsibilities include teaching, providing feedback to students, and marking assignments. Applicants require demonstrable skills in writing, and should have teaching experience.

• Biology 2244A Introduction to Statistics (10 hours per week) TAs may be responsible for the following: leading several computer lab sections (~50 students), marking/providing feedback on written assignments, attending regular course meetings, answering student questions about graded assignments, and/or proctoring exams. Theoretical and applied understanding of statistical concepts (e.g. sampling & study design, probability, summary statistics, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, t-tests, correlation & regression, and ANOVA), clarity in spoken English, and excellent interpersonal/teamwork skills are essential.

• Biology 2485B Environmental Biology Tutorials (10 hours per week) Responsibilities include teaching, marking assignments and record keeping. Applicants should have experience teaching and be knowledgeable in the fields of ecology and evolution

• Biology 2581B Genetics (10 hours per week) The primary duty of TAs will be in the delivery of the tutorial content to classes of ~ 25 students. Good oral communication skills in the English language are required. Students attend one tutorial session every second week. TAs will be required to teach two tutorial sessions every week. This will include administering end of tutorial quizzes aimed at testing the students’ know ledge of the concepts covered. Duties will also include taking part in tutorial help sessions that will take place before each midterm and the final exam.

• Biology 4338G Advanced Developmental Biology (5h per week). This course requires a deep understanding of developmental biology and molecular biology. Some of the responsibilities will include grading student presentations, write-ups and marking midterms and exams. In addition, the TA will be responsible for running 3-5 lectures at the end of the year of topics related to stem cell biology. The lab duties include presentation of different model organisms used in the lab followed by hands on lab experiments with frogs, planaria, zebrafish and sea urchins. Also, the TA will be responsible of marking student presentations and discussions of those developmental topics. TA will mark short reports based on the presentation as well as presentation and participation. TAs will also be responsible for proctoring midterms and exams, as well as monitoring the OWL forum and respond to emails related to the course.

These positions are subject to course and section enrollment. Application deadline: 4:00 pm Monday, December 9, 2019. Send the following information INLINE (NO ATTACHMENTS) to Tricia Gray ( via UWO email server only. Full name, local phone contact, uwo email address, current program and status, name of supervisor with contact number and email, name of grad chair (if applicable) with contact number and email, brief description of subject background and teaching experience (or equivalent) PLUS the course number(s) to which you would like to apply. Applications that do not meet the above requirements or do not have the consent of supervisor(s) will not be considered.

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