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GTA Position Vacancy

Application Deadline: December 9, 2019

Position Description: This course is a survey of the methods and models used to understand human responses to hazards. The tradition of hazards research in geography will be reviewed particularly through the lens of social science. The course will examine both natural and technological hazards and the models for understanding human influences on and responses to hazards. Information is available on the Geography Department website: https://geography.uwo.ca/undergraduate/course_information/2000_level_course.html

1.0 TA – Geography of Hazards – GEOG 2152B – January 1/20-April 30/20 Position responsibilities and duties will include: * marking of: tests, assignments and map quizzes with answers that include written work; * moderating forum discussions; * attendance at office hours to assist students and review marks, as needed; and * other duties as assigned by instructor.

If interested, please email Lori Johnson - ljohns24@uwo.ca, with CV.

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