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GTA Position Vacancy - Biology 2244A

From: Gray, Patricia ( Department/Program: Biology Ext.: 80146 Application Deadline: June 24, 2022 Position Description: Application Deadline: Jnue 24, 2021 Position Description PhD candidates who are currently just beyond their normal TA eligibility period are welcome to apply. Graduate students in Biology programs will be given preference. Biology 2244A Introduction to Statistics (10 hours per week, 70 h in total) This course runs for 6 weeks starting June 20. Accommodations will be made for a ‘late start’ to honour the deadline. TAs may be responsible for the following: leading several computer lab sections (~50 students), marking/providing feedback on written assignments, attending regular course meetings, answering student questions about graded assignments, and/or proctoring exams. Theoretical and applied understanding of statistical concepts using R programming (e.g. sampling & study design, probability, summary statistics, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, t-tests, correlation & regression, and ANOVA), clarity in spoken English, and excellent interpersonal/teamwork skills are essential. Experience with this course and online teaching tools preferred. Send the following information INLINE (NO ATTACHMENTS) to Tricia Gray ( via UWO email server only. NOTE: Emails to other addresses will not be acknowledged. Full name, local phone contact, uwo email address, current program and status, name of supervisor with contact number and email, name of grad chair (if applicable) with contact number and email, brief description of subject background and teaching experience (or equivalent). Applications that do not meet the above requirements or do not have the consent of supervisor(s) will not be considered. Evidence of approval may be sent via email forward or screenshot. Applicants without evidence of approval to apply to biology will not be considered.
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