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TA Positions Available

From: Trask, Leanne (

Department/Program: English

Ext.: 85793

Application Deadline: July 14, 2023

Position Description:

Fall 2023: Writing 2130F ~ Building Better (Communication) Bridges: Rhetoric and Professional Communication for Engineers

NB: There are multiple TA positions available for the Fall 2023 term in Writing 2130F. The course and tutorials are entirely online and asynchronous.

Applicants may not be hired by Western as a GTA or instructor in any other course/program for the Fall term, and must be enrolled full-time for the duration of the term.

This course introduces students to rhetorical principles and the practices of written, oral, and visual communication in professional engineering contexts. Particular attention is paid to identifying and understanding audience, context and purpose; the grammar and effective style of Standard Written English; modes of persuasion; interpersonal communication; the negotiation of cultural difference; and effective scholarly research practices. Students will learn strategies for drafting and designing technical and academic documents and for approaching the editing and revision of those documents. As well, they will gain experience in organizing research effectively for presentation, composing clear and useful visual aids, and presenting research to their peers and the broader public with confidence.

Qualified applicants must possess the following qualities:

- Strong written and verbal communication skills

- Knowledge of the grammar and conventions of Standard Written English

- Organizational ability

- Professional work ethic

- Time-Management skills

- Resourcefulness

TAs for this course will be expected to manage a 2 hr per week tutorial, as well as other TA duties assigned (such as Office Hours and Marking). This is an excellent opportunity for Graduate Students who plan to pursue a career in teaching or communication after graduation.

With your application please submit a 150-word description outlining your interests in teaching this course, outlining skills and experiences you could bring to the position.

Qualified applicants may be required to complete an assessment administered by Writing Studies in The Department of English and Writing Studies.

Please submit applications and direct queries to:

Dr. M. Fox

Director, Writing Studies

Department of English and Writing Studies

University College

Deadline: Friday 14 July 2023, 4 pm

Successful candidates will be notified shortly thereafter.

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